Monday, August 30, 2010

School Wall, Mexico, 2010

New work on the way. I'm scanning away as we speak and deploring my skills at scanning. None the less I shall muddle through and hopefully come out the other side with some interesting shots. This one caught my eye right of the bat so I thought I'd post it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ripplet, Maine, 2007

Holy crap its been months. In defense of my absence I had to move and found a hook up to a black and white darkroom so I can print, and there by hopefully show, some of my images. New posts are coming soon as are new pictures. I have three rolls waiting to be processed and am still working my way through my archives. Tomorrow I leave for a week in Guadalajara, Mexico and you know I'll be taking tons of pictures while I'm there. But for now please enjoy this picture from Maine I took a few years ago. More to come when I return.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Untitled, Maine, 2010.
Untitled, Maine, 2010.
Untitled, Maine, 2010.

Blonde Ambition

So, it's been nearly two years since I graduated, and I've been realizing lately that organizing my negatives was one of those priorities after leaving art school that I never really followed through on. I also never archived almost any of my work. The few images out of hundreds of rolls of film that have made it on to this blog are really all I had ever scanned in.

This is a rather lengthy way to describe why I am now surrounded by a sea of negatives, a brand new scanner and an assortment of dust repellants. Observe:
I may have been a bit optimistic about how disorganized I was before and how much time this little endeavor will take. It's all for the best though since it can only get worse with time. AND! it means more images coming your way via this blog. There are sure to be (and so far are) any number of pictures that I never had time to print while I was in school (and/or managed to escape my attention at the time) that are now getting my full attention due to the lengthy process of scanning.

There are also of course a few more images from this last trip to Maine that I will keep posting, including some that will be following this post in short order. So wish me luck with my mountain of scanning and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Untitled, Maine, 2010.

I'm back and I've got new film to boot. A recent excursion with some good friends (cosmically inspired by my last post) landed me in maine during a rainy weekend and a camera. Save for the risk of destroying my camera in torrential downpour, I'd say it was a pretty great combo. Anyway, I have some new images now and am reinvigorated. There are plans in the works for future trips and projects which will hopefully get off the ground in short order. In the meantime, enjoy the new work.

It's mostly black and white for now. Theres another color roll waiting to be developed so I'm going to wait on posting the color work until I have all of it back.

Untitled, Maine, 2010.

Untitled, Maine, 2010.